April 1, 2008
Victorian Corsets

Though corsets have been worn since even earlier than the 19th Century, in the Victorian period their use was very widespread. The lace-up waist-cinchers were meant to exagerrate the hour glass shape of a woman's body, to exagerrate curvy chest and hips and small a waist.

Corsets have been controversial for an article of clothing, both hated and loved. There were reports in Victorian times of corsets actually causing health problems from being tied up too tightly. "Fainting spells" in women were sometimes blamed on too tight a corset, for example.

Despite complaints related to corsets, they have endured in fashion even to today. (Most modern corsets, hopefully, being more comfortable and less dangerous than those of Victorian times.) They are popular as lingerie, and are even sometimes as outerwear. You can buy replica-Victorian corsets, as well as more modern versions, but which are still inspired by the Victorian corset.

It is ironic that the Victorian era, which is often thought of as a time of propriety and even prudishness, has given us such a lasting symbol of sexuality.

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