March 29, 2008
Going back in time...

In the Victorian era women were considered a vision of elegance and grace dressed in spectacular “fashion” gowns. These gowns were famous for their detail, their frills, lance, braid and ribbon. They were also famous for not being the most comfortable or convenient pieces to wear. The amount of decorations often made them very heavy and they were then paired with heavy coats, not to mention the infinite layers of undergarments. The tight corsets made of uncomfortable and pointy bones dug into their skin and they brushed all of this off, always keeping a smile, and of course holding a fan or parasol. The finished look was of elegance and grace with an illusion of ease and comfort.

With all those positive points how could modern day society not want to go back to that style of dress? Well much to everyone’s shock, I’m sure , we have gone back. Many fashion students are coming up with a modern twist on a Victorian style gown. Lace, beading, cap sleeves and all, the additions of course being a one sided sleeve, and some skin showing through the lace. The showing of skin being something not appreciated by the Victorians. Interestingly enough if you take the time to look at some of the trends currently walking down the runway the familiarities are undeniable, the jackets and shows, even the hairstyles. Perhaps the Victorian era never really ended, it faded into the background for a bit only to come back with a modern twist…

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