March 29, 2008
Victoria's brilliant bijoux
For thousands of years, fashion has been used to display one's age, rank and wealth to the rest of the population, and jewelery in particular has been used to distinguish the nobility from the peasantry. However, in more recent times, fashion has become more of an icon, with relevant fashion accessories coming and going in the blink of an eye, and trends lasting for what seems like only minutes. Certain trends tend to cycle over time, like the skinny jean that has now resurfaced from the eighties, or the wedge heel that has had its comeback from the seventies, however, they always seem to disappear just as quickly as they've come.

There are, however, several trends that rarely go out of style and stand to inspire young designers and fashionistas. One such trend is that of the Victorian era, from it's lavish gowns and alluring hats, to its gothic grunge, this era boasts some of fashion's greatest influences. In fact, many of the previous posts on this blog recognize the influence of Victorian fashion in our modern world from the streets of London to the cover of Vogue!

One accessory from the Victorian era has made a particularly appreciable imprint on fashion; from the common population to the billion-dollar fashion industry, Victorian-influenced jewelery is apparent in every nook and cranny of our intensely modernized world. From delicate pearls to large gothic colliers, Victorian influence exists throughout the jewelery industry. Much of Victorian jewelery was known for its intricate design of the precious metals that made up the piece of jewelery, and many different shapes and types of stone were used to beautifully complete the piece. As well as lavish necklaces with matching bracelets and earrings, broaches also became extremely popular in the Victorian era, and are still sported today on the frock of many a young lady. Here are some examples of Victorian-influenced modern pieces:

So next time you find yourself out of the loop as far as fashion goes, and you can't decide which set of jewelery is relevant to wear with your cocktail gown, take comfort in the age old adage that is Victorian jewelery.

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